(Ep.4) We’re Talking Blogs: Brian Cox from The Travel Vlogger

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Brian Cox Discusses Starting His Travel Video Blog and More

You've probably thought about starting a blog, but what about a video blog?

There are a lot of blog types and categories. No, really! You can basically produce content about whatever you want and you probably will have interested readers.

That’s awesome right?

There are so many blog types that some people have started changing from the original simple blog idea to a new, fresh and exciting concept:


Now you’ve probably heard this word already, but just to make sure we are on the same page. A vlog is a video blog, video log or to put it even more simply: It’s a form of blog in which the medium is video.

So, if you have always dreamed of blogging but writing is not your strong suit, you should consider vlogging.

You're probably wondering: Why are we suddenly talking about vlogs and not blogs?

Our goal is to teach you how to blog, your goal is to have fun with it! That’s why we want you to find your perfect niche and blog type. And trust us, that can be hard!

We want to share precious information with you from those who have been in your position and are now the most successful in their field! We also want to showcase bloggers from different fields and varying topics. That’s why on this fourth episode ofWe’re Talking Blogs”, we will talk vlogs with Brian Cox!

Who’s Vlogger Brian Cox?

Brian is the founder of The Travel Vlogger. He has been to more than 50 countries and has lived in several places within the United States, as well in Australia, Costa Rica and Spain. He’s living everyone’s dream. He picked up something he loved and made it into his full-time job.

The Travel Vlogger, created and hosted by Brian, is an award winning online travel series. Brian is constantly in search of extraordinary experiences and loves sharing the journey with other travel enthusiasts. He shares his favorite activities, food and drinks, nightlife and off the beaten path adventures with his viewers.

Brian took time out of his busy schedule to talk with João from our 30 Day Blog Challenge team about vlogging.

This 4th episode is full of awesome tips and priceless info for bloggers and vloggers of all levels:  Whether you are a seasoned pro or studying how to start a blog or video blog,  you don’t want to miss this!

At this point, you know how this works: Sit back, listen and learn about Brain's vlogging journey over the years.

We hope you learned a lot from Brian's adventures in vlogging. I know we did!

Tons of valuable knowledge was shared with us throughout the interview. However, at the end of the show we asked Brian for some tips on starting a video blog or blog, he gave some quick but super important advice. Keep these tips in mind when getting started:

Brain's Top Three Tips for Starting a Vlog

  1. Keep it super simple
  2. Be patient
  3. Plan, becoming a success doesn't happen by accident

Want to Know More About Brian and His Work?

His website is a must, however if you want to see the “good stuff” it's on his social media profiles. Check out his Facebook Page and Twitter Account. Plus, go watch his awesome videos on his Youtube Channel and check out his photos on his Instagram Page.

Thanks again for listing to this episode of “We're Talking Blogs”. If you would like to hear more from top bloggers, head to our YouTube Channel for more interviews. And remember to …..

…blog on and blog often!

What's Next?

We are really enjoying making this audio series for our viewers and would love to hear what you think about it. Please feel free to leave us a comment or question below.

Did Brain's journey inspire you to start a blog or vlog?  We're sure it did! Try our 30 Day Blog Challenge for free and you can get started on an adventure of your own.







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