A Complete Course on How to
Successfully Start a Blog.

Want to start blogging? Take the 30 Day Blog Challenge and learn how you can get started in just 30 minutes. During this course you will learn: How to setup your blog, how to design your blog, how to find a niche, writing good blog posts, finding inspiration for posts, monetizing your blog, getting traffic and much more.

There are no costs associated to the course.

This course is 100% free! But once you’ve completed it, there
will be a donation button, so you can support the people behind.

What People Are Saying


I've been reading blogs for several years but often wondered about the why, what for and how to. How did they pull it all together, make it profitable? The 30 Day Blog Challenge tells and shows you exactly how it's done. It's great for beginners but also for those who want to move to the next level. Thanks Matt.
I've had SO many ah-ha moments and it's really helped me put the pieces of the blogging puzzle together… it's like having a blogging guru at your fingertips.




This course has equipped me with all of the blogging knowledge I need in order to move forward with my own blog; Everything from how to drive traffic to my blog, ways I can begin making money with my blog now, and even how to create the perfect e-product! This course has not only inspired and motivated me, but it's also pointed me in the right direction for the future of my blog and publication. Thank you so much Matt - You're a wonderful mentor and teacher!