We want to create the best learning experience for beginner bloggers through our course/challenge.

At the 30 Day Blog Challenge, we enjoy getting up everyday and working together to achieve one goal. Making it as painless as possible for you to become the blogger you’ve always wanted to be.


You Might be Wondering: Why this is so important to us?

Well, we were all beginners at one point in time too! We remember having a great idea for a blog, but didn’t know the first thing about how get started. Resources were limited back then and the information that you could find was fair at best. This made the process extremely frustrating for a newbie.

Times have changed and there are definitely a lot more resources available to you. Yet, the quality hasn’t improved all that much.


Most of the know-how that is shared about starting a blog:  

  • Lacks detail or is over detailed with technical mumbo jumbo. (Both will leave you wanting to throw your computer out the window!)
  • Isn’t for absolute beginners
  • Is created mostly for monetary gain, making the needs of the viewer secondary.

This is where we come in, we don’t want you to struggle like we did. The 30 Day Blog Challenge team wants to change the way you learn and give you all the necessary tools to become a blogger.


Blogging Made Easy

Our program is designed to teach you and give you tips about starting a blog, as well as encourage you to express yourself freely. Our focus is mainly towards “New bloggers” i.e. people that want to start a blog for their first time.

Most people that want to start a blog, don’t really have an idea of what to do, what to write or even how to setup their blog. This type of thinking is how our big idea began to develop.


We thought: There’s no better way to get the ball rolling than to make a “Challenge”. 30 Days, where the participants will be given a daily task to do, related to their blog of course! This way, they’ll be able to see if they have what it takes to become a long-term blogger.


Starting the Challenge

Maybe, you're a bit concerned the tasks will be too hard or you won’t have enough time in your day to complete them.

Don’t worry!..


It’s going to be as quick and as easy as taking candy from a baby ( Don’t actually take candy from a baby, this is not an action we encourage). We’ll take you through the simple process one step at a time.

The tasks you will receive during the challenge are straightforward. They could be creating content for your blog, designing graphics to go with your post, how you change the look of your blog, or perhaps content promotion through social media and other important outlets.

The tasks will be sent daily to your e-mail. This way you won’t “cheat” by going forward, like 90% of you would most likely do, if you had everything in front of you all at once.


Why is taking it slow crucial to building a successful blog?


A blog needs to grow naturally over time, you can’t just hammer out 40 posts in a day and expect that to work. There are many more steps that are necessary in order for your blog to work and you must take the time to understand them. We will go into a lot more detail about this topic during the challenge.


What You Will Gain

Once you’re done with the 30 Day Challenge, you will have been put through one of the most comprehensive courses available on the web for starting a blog. You’ll know first hand what it takes to run a blog and keep it going, how you can promote it and the tools needed to monetize your traffic.


The 30 Day Blog Challenge crew is looking forward to being apart of your blogging journey. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the challenge or click here to start the challenge today!

Want to know more about us?

The 30 Day Blog Challenge works together with our big sister website “Leaving Work Behind” to create content that teaches people different ways they can make money and leave their desk job behind. Technically for what we are teaching you may need some sorta of surface to work on, but you get what we are saying.


Head to the Leaving Work Behind about me page to find out more about what we are trying to achieve and meet our team while you're at it!


Now, let’s get blogging!