What is the 30 Day Blog Challenge?

We (the folks at 30DayBlogChallenge) run a blog and website service called 30dayblogchallenge.com and would love for you to use it. All of our services are free, but we might recommend certain paid services to take use of.


Our service is designed to teach you and give you tips about starting a blog, as well as encourage you to express yourself freely. Our focus is mainly towards “New bloggers” i.e. people that want to start a blog for their first time.


Now since a lot of people that start a blog, don't really have an idea of what to do, what to write or even how to setup their blog. We thought, what better way than to make a “Challenge”. 30 Days, where the participants will be given a daily task to do (related to their blog of course) and this way, see if they have what it takes to become a long-term blogger.


The tasks you will receive during the challenge are simple tasks.. It could be a show-and-tell how you change the design og your blog, it could be “today you have to write a blog post”, or perhaps something social-related, like integrating fanpages and social media on your blog.


Now the tasks will be sent daily to your e-mail. This way you don't “cheat” by going forward, like 90% of you guys would do, if you had everything in front of you at once 🙂 That's actually very important though.. A blog needs to grow naturally over time, you can't just hammer out 40 posts in a day and expect that to work. But we will go a lot more into detail about this stuff during the challenge.


Once you're done with the 30 Day Challenge, you will have received a comprehensive tour of what it takes to run a blog first hand, how you can promote it and the tools you can implement for monetizing your traffic.

About Your Host

matt (1)

Matt Challenge


Matt has been in the web-industry for the past 15 years, ever since he got his first dial-up modem. He has done everything from blogging to running small advertising agencies.


His knowledge and experience in the field combined with the input of several very high profile bloggers is they key behind the success of the 30 day blog challenge.