Step 1 – Start Your Blog

First, we need to create you a blog

Go ahead and watch the video below and see where you should create your blog.


Either way, they have a guaranteed money-back policy, no questions asked. So if you decide they are not for you, simply cancel your blog and get a full refund.

(Note : Please use our special link or click on ‘Start Your Blog’ when you signup to Bluehost, so we can track your account and provide you with the support you need.)


I am more than happy now and excited to walk you through the exact process that thousands of people have used to start a successful blog.


Since we started 30 day blog challenge, nearly 10000+ people signed up and the results were incredible! This stuff works. And the best part? It’s simple and you don’t have to pay us anything.


But, with that being said, you will need to spend some time.



Diving into something new (especially if you’re not quite sure how to start) can be daunting and intimidating, but rest assured, we are here to help you with your journey. Aside from simply saying “I want to make money blogging”, We think it’s safe to say: We all want one or more of the following.


  1. To blog as a hobby and to have fun
  2. To help others with our experiences and ideas
  3. To be heard and appreciated
  4. To be a part of the community and connect with like minded people
  5. To learn new things in blogging as well as the subjects we blog about
  6. To build a business on its own or help build a business
  7. To pursue an opportunity like consulting, a book deal, paid writing gig etc ..


We want you to think through this clearly and understand why you want to start a blog.


Now take a second, and say it to yourself – “I am committed to starting a blog that I am proud of”.


Starting a blog can be exciting but the process can also be time-consuming and overwhelming. This is especially true if you are struggling to choose a niche that you enjoy and can also make you money as your blog progresses.


Fortunately, you don’t need to choose profitability or passion. Instead, you can combine the two when choosing a blogging niche, and create an online business that earns you money while also fueling your creative fire.


Yes, your blog can be about anything and/or everything. It’s entirely up to you.


You can monetize any type of blog too, so do not let that fear hold you back. There are many, many ways to monetize blogs, even the most unique ones!


Since we’ve already identified that passion will play a large role in your blog’s success, it’s important to choose a topic that really interests you. Moreover, listing all of your interests can help you come up with some unique and low-competition niche ideas.


Some people might have a long list of interests, while others have a fairly short one. Either way, you might be surprised once you get started. Here are just some of the many interests that could be worth blogging about:



So, how should you go about creating your own list of interests? While you can certainly take a few ideas from the example above, you can also ask yourself some questions:


  • What do I enjoy doing in my free time?
  • Am I the go-to person in my circle of friends for a specific topic?
  • What subject can I talk about for hours?


Unfortunately, not all interests align themselves with profit. However, with a bit of creativity, you can come up with a few ideas on which to build.


For ex: Fried Dandelions is an excellent example of how to narrow your list of topics to create a profitable niche. The creator combines two passions (being a mom and eating a vegan diet) that work together nicely. She uses affiliate marketing to earn the bulk of her site’s income.


A narrower scope should also make it easier to become a niche leader. There will likely be less competition, making you more visible in search and on social media.


Conversely, it’s also possible to get too narrow when choosing a niche. There may simply be too small of an audience to make it worthwhile. It can also be a struggle to create relevant content in the long run.


We’ve got a few tips to make sure you strike the right balance:


  • Choose a unique angle. It doesn’t have to be a completely unique topic, but you should be able to bring a fresh approach to it. To see what’s already out there and possibly get some inspiration, you can try entering your proposed topic along with the word ‘blog’ in search engines.
  • Try combining interests. You could combine two, or even three, semi-related interests to create a unique niche, like Fried Dandelions.
  • Think about a target audience. Always think about who would be interested in your niche and if there are enough of those people to make it profitable.


Ideally, at the end of this step, you’ll have a shortlist of potential ideas that you’ll eventually narrow down to one.


Before we start making any money, we, of course, need to create you a blog first.


But, not just any blog. we are going to show you the best possible way that most other successful bloggers use.


(Note : Please use our special link or click on ‘Start Your Blog’ button to signup to Bluehost so i can track your account and set you up with the challenge.

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After completing this step, email me your Bluehost username to and I can get you started with the challenge and go through any issues you may have before starting the challenge.


Once you have completed setting up your blog, please answer this question…


What are you hoping to create by joining the challenge?


I like to put a “face” to the challengers and help you achieve your goals.


So, to recap…


1. Create your blog with Bluehost — so you can build your blog the right way


2. Email me your Bluehost username — so you can get the exclusive challenge training


I can’t wait to be standing at the finish line with you.


Your greatness is calling and the world is waiting for you to shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions we receive.


I already have a blog, can I still take the challenge?

Yes of course! You would however either need to migrate your blog to Bluehost (Can easily be done), or simply start a new one for this challenge.


Do I really need Bluehost?

Unfortunately for this program yes. With Bluehost we can promise a bulletproof model for making a successful blog, as all the tools you would need are already included in their hosting solution. All daily instructions and blog-setup are also based on that specific platform.


Does this cost anything?

Absolutely nothing for my course! However you still only need a hosting account for your own blog.Most challengers choose the 1 year prime plan with a FREE domain, inclusive of domain privacy and site backup with over $150 in advertising credits.All you need is the blog and you’re good to go. Please note that Bluehost hosting prices do change from time to time.


Are you affiliated with Bluehost?

Yes. We do get a small commission(at no extra cost to you) when you signup with Bluehost, this is part of the reason why we can offer the 30 day blog challenge for free. Regardless of our affiliation, Bluehost really is among the best offers out there at the moment for aspiring bloggers.