Step 1 – Start Your Blog

First, we need to create you a blog

Go ahead and watch the video below and see where you should create your blog.


Either way, they have a guaranteed money-back policy, no questions asked. So if you decide they are not for you, simply cancel your blog and get a full refund.

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Important: Here's What Every Aspiring/Beginner Blogger Needs To Know About Starting a Blog

Step 1 – Start Your Blog

Congratulations! I am more than happy now and excited to walk you through the exact process that thousands of people have used to start a successful blog.


Since we started 30 day blog challenge, nearly 10000+ people signed up and the results were incredible! This stuff works. And the best part? It's simple and you don't have to pay us anything for the course.


But, with that being said, you will need to spend some time.


Starting your own blog and running your own blog is a great way to make long-term passive income. That's what a lot of people don't realize, once you get it going you literally can make money while you sleep, rather than going to a job where you get paid by the hour.


Now it's not a ‘get rich quick scheme'. Please don't think you're going to make $20,000 this month. It's going to take a lot of time and effort to reach that level.


The thought behind the challenge, however, is to show, just how easy it is to get started, and make a little extra income. Continue running your blog after the challenge and you could be making many times that after a few months!


So let's get started.


Now before we can get started on making any money, we, of course, need to create you a blog first. There are many places to get one, and a some of them are free as well. But let's talk quickly about free blogs and why we absolutely do not recommend them.


    • it's almost impossible to get good search engine rankings directly to your blog since they all feed through the main blog hosts like


    • Support for free blogs is virtually non-existent. So if you have any issues, or need help, its going to be really hard to get assistance, if you're not that tech-savvy yourself.


    • a free blog-service won't allow you to run ads. Now they will run THEIR ads on your blog, but you can't run your own – and often they won’t let you use affiliate links, so it makes it really difficult to monetize your blog that way.


    • But perhaps most importantly, a free blog service can shut down your blog at any time which happens more than you think. I know someone who lost almost three years of invested time and effort simply because their free blog host didn’t like something they said in a post.



So as far as choosing a blog host, we highly recommend getting your own hosting account and setting up your blog on that, as it's by far the best long-term solution for running a successful blog.



Now again, there are tons of different hosting providers out there, but if you want the absolute best value, we recommend Bluehost. Not only it is one of the best hosting services you can get, but also what we base this whole challenge on.


Bluehost is also the top recommended host from the people over at WordPress which is the blogging platform that we are going to use to build your blog.


There is an exclusive offer just for you 30 day blog challengers going through the course here and in order to get access to that, all you have to do is to, click on the “start your blog” button below or  go to and you will have access to this exclusive offer. 

You also get a free domain name when you go through that link. Your blog domain will also be notified to our systems so you can start receiving the daily challenges.


Another really great feature with Bluehost is that you get over $150 worth of FREE marketing credits, and you can use it to really, kickstart the success of your blog.


You will be committing to your blog for at least a full year but it is pretty much necessary in order to start blogging on a successful level.


So! Let's go ahead and get your blog started. Click the “Start A Blog” button below and it will open a new window that will take you directly to Bluehost and you can see the exclusive offer for 30 day blog challengers.


1: Open BlueHost Homepage In A New Window


Before You Begin: We suggest opening the BlueHost homepage through our link! Bluehost offers our readers exclusive insider deals starting as low as $2.95 a month. Your blog domain will also be notified to our systems so you can start receiving the daily challenges.


Alright, let’s get started!


Go To Bluehost (Opens in a new window)


Click on the link above and when you get to Bluehost, Click the the green box “get started now”.

2: Select a BlueHost Hosting Plan


The next step is to select a BlueHost hosting plan that suits your personal needs best.


There are a few plans here available.


But we would recommend the Choice Plus Plan, simply because, you get a few extras like unlimited websites but most importantly this domain privacy for just a little bit more per month.


You will be paying for something very important, which is domain privacy, that is people cannot find your name and address and phone number by doing a whois search.


When people do a Whois search for your domain, they will simply see Bluehost and not you. So domain privacy is very important. So click select for Choice Plus.

3: Choose a Domain Name


Next, you get to register a domain name for your blog which is included for free when you go through our exclusive offer.


Now I imagine if you want to start a blog, you kind of already have an idea of what you want to write about, so try and choose a catchy and creative name for your blog.


If you are starting a blog for your business, your domain name can closely match your business name like us in this case –


If you are starting a travel blog, you can call it or maybe


There’s also a simple solution if you’re struggling to think of a domain name: use your full name (or a variation of it). This gives you free reign to blog what you like about if you’re not yet sure what you want to focus on in the long term.


Did you already buy a domain name elsewhere? No problem, just fill out the box on the right hand side.


In most cases, we recommend choosing a “.com” domain due to the fact it’s most familiar and accessible.


Want to start a local blog? You might want to consider choosing a known ccTLD such as, .ca or

Is the domain you want to secure is not available?


Please note that the domain name you choose may already be taken by someone else; If that is the case, you may need to try a few different names before you find one that hasn’t already been registered.


BlueHost will automatically show alternate suggestions. You can also click on “Show more suggestions” in order to provide a complete list of alternatives.


If you find this process a little frustrating, remember this: your domain name doesn’t have to be permanent. If you’re not 100% happy with your domain name, you can always change it in the future


Choose a new domain name and click “Next”!

4: Create an Account


Fill out the form with your personal details in order to create an account.


You can also create an account by clicking “Sign in with Google”. (if already have a gmail account)


This will make it even easier and faster.

5: Package Information & Add-ons


Now you’ve selected a hosting plan, probably selected a domain name, and registered an account – it’s time for the final phase to complete the host selection process!


Selecting package information is the final step before filling in your payment details. The first option is “Account Plan”.


You can choose a different account plan based on how long you go for. Obviously the longer you go, the cheaper it will be. May be 12 months at 7.95 a month will make sense for you just so you are not committed for years and you are saving a little bit of money of that.

Do I have to select every add-on?




  • There is Sitelock security, you actually don’t need that because WordPress has some built-in site security features and I am going to give you some plugins that you can use to get your site secure too.


  • There is the site backup called Codeguard Basic that is included in the price package you choose that means if something happens to your blog, well they have a backup of it and they will get it back for you.


  • The Bluehost SEO tools start you don’t need because I am going to show you what you need to get your website search engine optimized. Being on WordPress alone helps you with that.


  • And also Comodo PositiveSSL, you actually don’t need now. 
blog hosting plan

So you can see for the first year, a total of $89.50 at the current price point and thats a pretty good damn deal when you think about it.


It's a whole website and a blog that you are going to have to be able to build for a full year, it's going to be up and it's for less than $100.

So thats a good deal for you. Keep going and fill out your payment information there, read the agreement, and hit submit.


After completing this step, email me your Bluehost username to and I can get you started with the challenge and go through any issues you may have before starting the challenge.


Once you have completed creating your blog, please answer this question…


What are you hoping to create by joining the challenge?


I like to put a “face” to the challengers and help you achieve your goals.


So, to recap…


1. Setup your hosting with Bluehost — so you can build your blog the right way.


2. Email me your Bluehost domain name — so you can get the exclusive challenge training.


I can’t wait to be standing at the finish line with you.


Your greatness is calling and the world is waiting for you to shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions we receive.


I already have a blog, can I still take the challenge?

Yes of course! You would however either need to migrate your blog to Bluehost (Can easily be done), or simply start a new one for this challenge.


Do I really need Bluehost?

Unfortunately for this program yes. With Bluehost we can promise a bulletproof model for making a successful blog, as all the tools you would need are already included in their hosting solution. All daily instructions and blog-setup are also based on that specific platform.


Does this cost anything?

Absolutely nothing for my course! However, you still need a hosting account with Bluehost to build your own blog. Most challengers choose the 1-year choice plus plan at $7.45/month (~$89/year) with a FREE domain, FREE Site backup ($36/yr) and over $200 in advertising credits. All you need is this hosting account and you're good to go. Please note that Bluehost hosting prices do change from time to time.


Are you affiliated with Bluehost?

Yes. We do get a small commission(at no extra cost to you) when you signup with Bluehost, this is part of the reason why we can offer the 30 day blog challenge for free. Regardless of our affiliation, Bluehost really is among the best offers out there at the moment.