8 Powerful Habits Every Successful Blogger Has

Cultivate a New Habit Into Your Daily Routine

Calling all bloggers! There’s actually such thing as habits you can adopt that will lead you to becoming a successful blogger. In fact, there’s a multitude of them.

Numbers show that only with only 30 minutes of consistent practice a day, you can cultivate a new habit into your daily routine!

And luckily for the strategists of the world, the most successful bloggers took a liking to using habits to rack in on their blog’s numbers.

I mean, did you really think that their success happened without a helpful blogging habit or two?

It may look like a luxurious lifestyle to uphold, but it certainly takes discipline.

So do you have a few moments to spare?

Great! We have created a list of eight of the most powerful blogging habits to grasp, at the earliest stages of blogging. Start building on these habits now and you are guaranteed to be a successful blogger!


The 8 Powerful Habits

1. Get Straight Down to Business

It’s time to put the ‘blogger’ title aside and claim your position as ‘business’ owner…

…because successful bloggers think of longevity over limitation.

You want the ability to grow.

Planning from the beginning with a business oriented mindset develops a blog that can monetize. This means viewing your blog as a brand, then creating a brand around your blog. This means mapping out long-term goals and strategizing; so that each day you hit the internet, you’re getting closer and closer to reaching those goals. This also means becoming increasingly organized so that you don’t stray from your path of success. In fact, you want to be so organized, that it as though you never left every time you open up your blog and work on it.

Are you intimidated by the idea of your blog being a business? Here are a few tips for getting started:

Think Like You Know Nothing at All

Not literally of course! But really, thinking like a beginner can leave you empty of assumptions that may cause you to make hasty or problematic decisions. Seeking advice from business professionals and joining a mastermind group will lead you in the most ideal direction for your blog.

Absorb, Integrate, and Apply

The internet is your friend! And so is your local library. Reading scholarly business articles and books is a field of knowledge for the taking. Research, research, and a little more research will do just the trick for becoming a business mogul.

Be Open to All Possibilities

There’s no singular path of success – there’s an  abundance of them! Sometimes the rational mind shuts out the part of us that is most creative. Listen intuitively to the streaks of inspiration you receive. Let the creativity become the leader as you follow.

2. Stick to a  Schedule

We hope this doesn’t crush your blogger dreams but…

….it isn’t all leisurely all the time.

Because time is money! And successful bloggers create a schedule and stick to it.

You’re not just writing – you’re designing, publishing, and promoting, too. This takes out of your everyday schedule, so give yourself enough creative space for quality work.

Don’t forget:  It’s smart working over hard working.

You don’t need an entire day to execute, just the relative hours where you are most productive!

Studies show that the less you work, the more productive you actually are when pursuing your short and long term goals. This is because working long hours and days is actually counter-productive. Set a schedule around your most effective working hours to pump out the most content on minimal time.

Want a little more insight on this topic?

Check out our newly published infographic “Blog, Rest, Repeat!”. We have a great section in there on how to find your most productive time to work throughout the day.

3. Write a Little Too Much

They say practice makes perfect and we agree!

We also think that practice leads to creativity, too. Being prolific with your writing ignites the ripple effect. One thought that flows will eventually lead to other thoughts that become your stream for creative content, which ends up being usable for your blog.

Wave Your Wand to the Paper

The more you write, the better you become at it. The harder you focus, the more ideas you have. The more inspiration you receive, the higher likelihood of becoming a blogging wizard.

Okay it may not be utter magic:  You can’t just begin writing and give up, and still expect to grasp success! You have to be diligent about it. Set a high word count for your writing and no matter how badly you want to opt out – reach that number, every single time!

4. Be the Answer, the Valued Answer

Successful bloggers understand that their audience is seeking an answer to a problem they may have. This is why they get into the habit of creating content that is the answer their audience seeks. But it’s not just any answer, it’s a valuable answer. It’s an answer that motivates a viewer to become a subscriber.

Stats prove it:  94% of people share content in the thought that it may be helpful to their fellow followers.

Every successful blogger today has a blog that shares valuable content. They offer something that their audience needs. If you know your niche well enough, then you certainly know what they are looking for; cultivate a blog that adjusts to that movement.

…but keep it engaging.

Stats also shows that only 20% of a post is actually read. Make your content entertaining while keeping the writing concise for easy readability.

5.  Analyze Your Audience’s Response Often

When you're producing quality content, the response will be inevitable. But it can be seen in more than one way. Your audience’s response may be seen in shares, comments, or the good ole’ analytics.

The number of shares you get is an easy indicator of how popular a post is. Yet, to keep your blog growing, you should be mindful of your viewers’ comments.

If your viewer takes time to write to you, you should take time to write back! Replies make your viewers feel appreciated and acknowledged, leading them to invest more time into reading your next post.

Get a Little Analytical, Too!

Use Google Analytics:  Analytics allows you to see what parts of your blog has received the most views and greatest response. It also allows you to track where your traffic is coming from and the keywords used to find your site.

Analytic tools are the greatest investment for blogging. You have the ability to see exactly what posts your niche gravitates more toward, which will allow you to develop other content that is even more specific toward your audience's liking.

Once you understand how you're chosen analytics tools work, get into the habit of checking them everyday in order to get a better understanding of what is happening with your content.

6. Maintain Consistency for Popularity

Consider this:  Your favorite TV show that faithfully comes on every Thursday just suddenly, decided that it had something else to do and didn’t show up.

How disappointed would you be?

When it comes to blogging, your viewers can get disappointed when you, too, decide not to post fresh content.

It’s nothing personal, they’re just excited to read what you put out!

An easy way to avoid the disappointment is to simply post consistently. Aim to create the perfect schedule as we mentioned earlier and find designated time slots to publish your work.

Consistency is a key element in the strategy of every successful blogger! They put the effort forward to publish their work as often as possible, and then some. Prove to your audience that you are a blogger they can rely on and their loyalty will ultimately, lie with you.

7. Work Toward Happiness and Happiness Only

A happy life is a life worth blogging for.

Blogging should be a process that adds to your life, not takes away from it.

A balanced life means that whether you are booming with popularity or simply working to gain that popularity, you need to get into the habit of taking even more time to tend to your personal life and self-needs.

The only way you can truly give back to create something sustainable is if you invest within yourself first.

If you’re entirely wrapped up managing all ends of running a blog, they’ll be no time left over to go out, experience, and share your personal insights with your viewers.

And this is the honest truth:  if you aren’t happy building your blog, there’s no reason for it in the first place. Your happiness is number one and your career should never be at the expense of your happiness!

8. Stay Resilient

It’s absolutely normal and happens to the best of us – we get discouraged when results don’t immediately add up to our efforts.

When you’re in a positive frame of mind, you’ll have the resilience you need to tread forward upon adversity. You’ll even have the perseverance you need to keep developing your blog, even after years and years have passed.

And that is exactly where most bloggers get it wrong!

There’s a preconceived notion brewing and it goes a little something along the lines of:   

I’ve written a ton of content and have a low reader count, maybe this means I should give up.”

Seriously, there’s no time-frame for success. Success doesn’t come instantaneously, but it doesn't mean it can’t come even after years of working toward your goals.

Failure is to be Accepted, Not Denied

Greatness isn’t achieved overnight, it’s achieved through an unwavering effort!

History tells it best:

The renowned, Thomas Edison, created 1,000 light bulbs that were unsuccessful before inventing one that worked.

The beloved writer, Emily Dickinson, had just a few poems published out of 1,800 she had written during her lifetime before becoming a worldwide acclaimed author.

27 Publishers rejected Dr. Seuss’s’ first book before finding a publisher that was willing to believe in his vision.

When you feel like giving up – take a break to recall your purpose, immerse yourself in what makes you truly inspired, and remind yourself that everything worthwhile takes time.

Keep on Swimming:  Adapt to the Process

Helpful blogging habits are developed to support your infinite success. Yet, no habit can be acquired without the right amount of dedication to kick the old and adapt to the new! You have to be serious enough to treat your blog like a business for profitability while being flexible enough to create a healthy, well-balanced schedule to both execute and relax.

Don’t drown in your thoughts that cut off your fullest potential, just keep on swimming while adapting to the blogging process. You'll be a successful blogger before you know it.

Commit to succeed! Not only for your blog or your viewers, but for you!

What habits do you think are most important for becoming a successful blogger? Maybe we missed a few that you think are important. Leave us a comment or question below, we always love hearing from our readers.

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  • Tricia Janes
    Posted at 17:26h, 19 August Reply

    Great article! Especially the part about habits and consistency. But my favorite and I think the most important point is about the joy of what your doing., and maintaining a happy balance between the business of it all and the reason you write!

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