(Ep.5) We’re Talking Blogs: Derek from Wandering Earl

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Do You Love Travel and Adventure Blogs?

Travel and adventure blogs are awesome. We love them and you probably love them as well. And don’t worry, it’s totally normal to love them this much!

Really though, how cool is it to see someone traveling to interesting places all over the world and sharing their stories with us? It gives us the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and use their knowledge for all kind of situations.

Reading about other people’s remote travel adventures, favorite food recipes or personal fashion advice is all well and good. However, we are here to motivate you to create your own blog and to encourage you to make it as awe-inspiring as possible!

Remember: You can dream along with the real life of others as much as you want, but you have it in you to live your own dream as well!

Maybe you just need a little push or inspiration….

That’s why on this 5th episode of “We’re talking Blogs”, João talked with one of the most fascinating full-time traveler's so far:

We’re talking with Derek from Wandering Earl!

Who is Wandering Earl?

You're probably thinking: Why Wandering Earl and not Wandering Derek?

We had the same question…

Earl is actually his middle name, and in his own words, “Wandering Derek sounded pretty crappy”. It maybe wasn’t the most inventive way to come up with a domain name, but it was ‘09, we get it!

Yes, that right he started his travel and adventure blog way back in 2009! That may sound like forever ago, but he actually started traveling full time in 1999. This means it wasn’t until 10 years after Derek began his travels that he finally decided it might just be a good idea to create a blog.

His mission was simple: To use his own experiences to demonstrate to everyone that long-term travel is more than possible.

It’s now 2017 and he’s still blogging, stronger than ever!

His stories are pretty cool, from teaching English in Asia to being kidnapped in Bangladesh,  he’s had some crazy adventures. If you are looking to take your first trip or are an avid traveler, we definitely advise to checking out his blog here.

Derek is one of the most active travelers, with some of the most epic stories. He loves to help his readers, so don’t be shy and talk to him! You can even go on a tour with him to learn in the field from this experienced full-time traveler.

This episode is one of the richest episodes so far, with tons of useful info. You’ll hear about everything from technical stuff to help you boost your blog, to amazing stories that will inspire you to pack your bags and go see this beautiful world we live in!  

Listen to Derek's Interview

You already know what to do: Sit back, listen and learn about his blogging journey over the years.

Derek was full of great tips for new bloggers. If you didn’t take it all in the first time, we highly suggest listening to it again and taking notes. To make it just a little bit easier for you, we wrote some of his advice down.

At the end of the show we always ask our guest to give their best tips for bloggers just getting into the business. Derek’s top three did not disappoint, be sure to keep them in mind when starting out:

Derek’s 3 Tips for New Bloggers

  1. Don’t overthink things too much, especially in the beginning.
  2. Focus on what you know or what excites you, because if you don’t write about something you’re excited about it’s going to be difficult.
  3. Don’t worry about earning money from day one. Give yourself some time to build an audience the payback will be so much better later on.

Thanks again for tuning into our audio series. We hope you enjoyed the interview and don't forget to continue to tune into “We're Talking Blogs” for more helpful blogging advice. 

Do you have a question about travel and adventure blogs? or starting a blog in general?  Let us know in the comment section below. 

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  • Jess Stranger
    Posted at 15:44h, 15 September Reply

    This is fantastic insight. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what I write about: history, adventure and human interest, but I’ve found myself treating the hobby as a homework assignment some days. I sometimes think: who is going to read this? Is anyone even interested in history anymore? But the reality is, I’m just six months in and I’m just getting started building my audience. I have to remember that goals take time to achieve. The monotonous post, share, link, engage process can sometimes seem like it’s taking me nowhere, but what you said above is golden, “Don’t worry about earning money from day one. Give yourself some time to build an audience the payback will be so much better later on.”

    Thanks for sharing! http://www.learningfromstrangers.com

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